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UKNA COVID-19 Update - 4th January 2021

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy 2021

In the spirit of unity and NA Traditions, we offer this bulletin. Our well-being and continued recovery through safe meeting spaces is an important issue for all of us.

An updated conscience has been sought by the RCMs of the UK NA Region as of today, 19/09/20. The conscience is to relist all the meetings returning to face to face on the UK NA Website.
As a point of information this could be subject to change in line with future guidance from the UK Government.

Whilst the Government has said...
“We continue to recommend that where meetings can take place digitally without the need for face-to-face contact they should continue to do so."

See link below:-

Its important to keep covid secure when gathering at face to face meetings.

See link below:-

****Please check your local government guidance****
We will update links as and when they become available

Some thoughts from Tradition Four “It Works How and Why”

Through working the steps, we learn that with freedom comes responsibility. In recovery, we become responsible for ourselves. As we accept that responsibility, we see how the Fourth Tradition encourages us to act responsibly as groups and as a fellowship.
It’s also important to consider how we’re viewed by society…If the public reputation of Narcotics Anonymous is somehow impaired, addicts may die…The Fourth Tradition guides us away from self-centeredness by giving us the freedom to act responsibly as groups.

In these changing times we offer some suggestions for meetings that are deciding to return to face to face. Has your group…

  1. Read and considered current regional and local government guidelines, taking into account social distancing requirements etc.?
  2. Communicated fully with the venue and understood their Covid-19 secure risk assessment and obligations i.e. Maximum number of people allowed (still maintaining social distancing), cleaning procedures etc?
  3. Decided who in the group will take responsibility for collecting track and trace information of members (and storage of info and how long this will be kept for) – if required?
  4. Planned what to do if more members come to the meeting than are allowed in the building? Will members be asked to wait outside until another member has left? Will people leave to allow newcomers to attend etc.?
  5. Discussed who will be responsible for the cleaning of toilets, surfaces and chairs etc. if required both before and after the meetings and who will provide cleaning products?
  6. Thought about who will provide hand gels / masks etc.
  7. Decided to suspend refreshments or safest ways to collect tradition 7 or use our readings?
  8. Decided how social distancing guidelines will be maintained during and outside of the meeting?
  9. Considered how to respond if a member attends displaying symptoms of Covid-19?
  10. Thought about if your meeting has insurance and if this is necessary.

Please consider if your group conscience believes that your meeting can open in accordance with the government Covid-19 secure guidelines and stay within our NA traditions. These will not be the only considerations your group may want to explore during your group conscience, and it is not an exhaustive list, rather a starting point. We hope that they will be of use.

Some further suggestions can be found at:

If you live in Scotland or Wales, please seek advice specific to your location.

More than 850 of our meetings have moved online. A huge thank you to everyone who has made this happen.

Meeting resources are listed below:

Even if you are self-isolating, you don’t have to be isolated. Stay safe, stay connected.
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